Source code for magpylib._lib.config

"""Config class code"""

[docs]class Config: """ Library default settings Parameters ---------- CHECK_INPUTS: bool, default=True Check user input types, shapes at various stages and raise errors when they are not within designated parameters. EDGESIZE: float, default=1e-14 getBand getH return 0 on edge, formulas often show singularities there and undefined forms. EDGESIZE defines how close to the edge 0 will be returned to avoid running into numerical instabilities. ITER_CYLINDER: int, default=50 Cylinder with diametral magnetization uses Simpsons iterative formula to compute the integral. More iterations increase precision but slow down the computation. Examples -------- Compute the field very close to a line current: >>> import magpylib as mag3 >>> current = mag3.current.Line(current=1, vertices=[(-.1,0,0),(.1,0,0)]) >>> B_close = current.getB((0,0,1e-11)) >>> print(B_close) [ 0.e+00 -2.e+10 0.e+00] Change the edgesize setting so that the position is now inside of the cut-off region >>> mag3.Config.EDGESIZE=1e-10 >>> B_close = current.getB((0,0,1e-11)) >>> print(B_close) [0. 0. 0.] Reset the Config to original values: >>> mag3.Config.reset() >>> B_close = current.getB((0,0,1e-11)) >>> print(B_close) [ 0.e+00 -2.e+10 0.e+00] """ CHECK_INPUTS = True EDGESIZE = 1e-14 ITER_CYLINDER = 50
[docs] @classmethod def reset(cls): """ Reset Config to default values. Returns ------- None: NoneType """ cls.CHECK_INPUTS = True cls.EDGESIZE = 1e-14 cls.ITER_CYLINDER = 50