Magpylib works with Python 3.7 or later ! The following packeges will be automatically installed, or updated. See Git Hub for respective versions. Packages will never be downgraded.

  • numpy
  • matplotlib
  • scipy (.spatial.transform, .special)

Using a package manager

Magpylib works with PyPI and conda-forge repositories.

Install with pip,

pip install magpylib

or with conda

conda install magpylib

Using Anaconda

Or if you have little experience with Python we recommand using Anaconda.

  1. Download & install Anaconda3

  2. Start Anaconda Navigator

  3. On the interface, go to Environments and choose the environment you wish to install magpylib in. For this example, we will use the base environment:

  4. Click the arrow, and open the conda terminal

  5. Input the following to install from conda-forge:

    conda install -c conda-forge magpylib
  6. Dont forget to select the proper environment in your IDE.


Download Sites

Currently magpylib is hosted at: