Credits, Contribution & Citation

Maintainers & Contact

Michael Ortner - Concept, Physics, Coding.

Lucas Gabriel Coliado Bandeira - Software engineering

Jaka Pribosek - Concepts.

Alexandre Boisselet - Python code layout.


We want to thank a lot of ppl who have helped to realize and advance this project over the years. The project was supported by CTR-AG and is now supported by the Silicon Austria Labs public research center.


We welcome any feedback (Bug reports, feature requests, comments, really anything 😃) via email or through gitHub channels.


We are thankful for any reference and citation through the original publication.

A valid bibtex entry would be

title = {Magpylib: A free Python package for magnetic field computation},
author  ={Ortner, Michael and Coliado Bandeira, Lucas Gabriel},
year    = {2020},
journal = {SoftwareX},
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Magpylib is published under the open source AGPL v3 license. If you are interested in a non-disclosure private license, please contact us at