Graphics - Animate paths#

With some backends, paths can automatically be animated with show(animation=True). Animations can be fine-tuned with the following properties:

  1. animation_time (default=3), must be a positive number that gives the animation time in seconds.

  2. animation_slider (default=True), is boolean and sets if a slider should be displayed in addition.

  3. animation_fps (default=30), sets the maximal frames per second.

Ideally, the animation will show all path steps, but when e.g. time and fps are too low, specific equidistant frames will be selected to adjust to the limited display possibilities. For practicality, the input animation=x will automatically set animation=True and animation_time=x.

The following example demonstrates the animation feature,

import numpy as np
import magpylib as magpy
from magpylib.magnet import Cuboid, Cylinder, Sphere

# define objects with paths
coll = magpy.Collection(
    Cuboid(magnetization=(0,1,0), dimension=(2,2,2)),
    Cylinder(magnetization=(0,1,0), dimension=(2,2)),
    Sphere(magnetization=(0,1,0), diameter=2),

start_positions = np.array([(1.414, 0, 1), (-1, -1, 1), (-1, 1, 1)])
for pos, src in zip(start_positions, coll):
    src.position = np.linspace(pos, pos*5, 50)
    src.rotate_from_angax(np.linspace(0, 360, 50), 'z', anchor=0, start=0)

ts = np.linspace(-0.6, 0.6, 5)
sensor = magpy.Sensor(pixel=[(x, y, 0) for x in ts for y in ts])
sensor.position = np.linspace((0,0,-5), (0,0,5), 20)

# show with animation, sensor,
    showlegend=False,      # kwarg to plotly